We spend so much of our time online….health care is expanding in that direction as well

We spend so much of our time online and fill our life with online activities, that it makes sense that health care is expanding in that direction as well. Now days we can pretty much do anything with a click of a button, and health care is becoming no different. Health care on demand allows patients to connect with health care providers though websites and mobile apps. Some providers even have the option of having a health care professional do an in home visit. Consumers can now get the service they want when the need it thanks to technology. 

The online health industry is constantly changing and growing. There are many independent companies popping up that are strictly offering on demand services. Larger health care systems are also realizing that there are many patients whose needs aren’t being entirely met in the traditional health care system and they are looking into on demand health care as well. There are many clinics which offer providers for such instances as allergies, rashes, back pain, urinary tract infections, mainly non-life threatening conditions. This allows patients to skip the wait times and office visits. They don’t have to go into a doctor’s office and encounter people. Especially at a time where germs are so prevalent, it is a great resource to use to be able to distance yourself from other potential germs. We live in a time where it’s go go go. People’s days are always full and once one activity is completed it is time for the next one. Whether you are a working parent, a business person, a student, or a senior, getting into the actual doctor’s office can be quite the hassle. On demand health care can fit into anyone’s busy schedule. 

So how will on demand health care compare to an in person office visit? On demand health care is not appropriate for all health issues. But there is definitely a need for it in other areas of healthcare. It is good for follow up appointments, minor illnesses and injuries, mental health counseling, etc. On demand health care can also save consumers money. A virtual visit cost about forty percent of an office visit, and only four percent of an emergency room visit. The cost for a virtual visit can be less than the co-pay to your doctor’s office visit. If additional testing is required from your virtual appointment, doctors are able to refer patients to labs or imaging centers to get additional treatment done. 

On demand health care should not replace annual exams that should be performed. In person health care will still be needed, and relationships with those doctors still need to happen. This is just an option that will go along with your regularly scheduled appointments. There are many ailments that just require a quick remedy that wouldn’t require an actual in person visit. The consumer must correctly choose which ailments require which type of doctor. On demand health care is meant to help simplify our already busy lives and provide us with an option that is more accessible when we need it.