Employer Programs

If your company is in the Services or Construction industry or one of the millions of small businesses who simply cannot afford to provide traditional insurance for your employees, consider ZipDoctor as your partner in providing an alternative solution

Increase Productivity in the Workplace.

Illness among your employees is an inevitable human element and a very real cost of doing business, but it doesn’t mean you can’t lessen the blow to your productivity.  Consider, that the flu along cost U.S. employers $21 billion in productivity in 2019.  The American Medical Association has stated that ailments such as coughs, colds, sinuses, the flu and so many more don’t require an in-person medical consultation.  Increase Productivity with On-Demand Access to Medical Professionals.

Decrease Absenteeism with Less Time Away from the Workplace.

Every time a member of your team is forced to travel back and forth to see a doctor when they should be on the clock is cutting into your business’ bottom line. You don’t want excessive illness-related employee time off from work to be the reason you are forced to replace good workers who are simply trying to take care of themselves and their families when facing illness.

Boost Employee Morale with a Value-Added Incentive Benefit like Telemedicine.

Telemedicine has become the happy medium for thoughtful and innovative employers who wish to provide their employees on-demand access to medical professionals, discount prescription rates and other valuable health and wellness options, without breaking the bank in the process. ZipDoctor is here for you and can even help keep good employees on your team committed to the company by providing them with a valued incentive benefit like Telemedicine services through ZipDoctor.

Provide Peace of Mind to Employees by Offering Telemedicine & Telewellness Services.

70% of U.S. employees work for employers who don’t offer any level of insurance benefits. Furthermore, the Integrated Benefits Institute has reported that 1 in 3 low-income employees needed healthcare they could not afford. Employers of all sizes are turning to Telemedicine as a means to provide essential on-demand access to medical professionals for the members of their workforce. Your business should be considering the same.