Convenience of Virtual Medical Care

Now more than ever, mental health support is moving to an online platform. During the global pandemic patients were treated online, but even now when offices are opening back  up, patients are still choosing to continue their treatment online. As a result of the pandemic, much of the mental healthcare industry has moved towards an online platform. They feel that they will be better able to connect and treat their patients. People under the age of 44 were more inclined to participate in virtual mental healthcare. And about 50 percent of people being treated for mental health problems will choose to continue being treated through virtual care. There are many studies that have taken place during the pandemic, it has required the health care system to make some changes and look at how treatment options are being offered. And it is allowing medical workers and patients the opportunity to determine what mental and physical ailments are able to be treated virtually. 

Patients feel that being treated virtually has met or exceeded their expectations. And parents who had children being treated through online resources felt that their child’s sessions were very engaging and very helpful. Virtual visits seemed to be more helpful than telephone visits. Patients who reported using virtual visits compared to patients using the telephone were more likely to continue their virtual treatment. 

Convenience is probably the greatest factor when choosing to use virtual treatment. There are so many obstacles that can prevent patients from getting the treatment that they need. They could be lacking transportation, have an issue with child care, have a problem taking time off from work, they might be feeling exhausted or depressed, any one of these issues could prevent someone from actually going to a treatment session. Virtual visits have a much lower cancellation rate because there aren’t as many obstacles to overcome to actually make your appointment. 

There has not been a lot of good to come out of the pandemic. It is easy to see the strain it has taken on health care workers and people needing treatment. Health care will always be an in demand service. But now we are able to discover a better way to treat certain health issues. And help ease the burden for both providers and patients. Convenience is a number one priority in people’s lives. And we are finally realizing a way to make health care a little more convenient for everybody.