Health care changing with the times

Our world is constantly changing, from global warming, to pandemics, pollution crises, to rioting and so much more. People’s lives are being affected by all of these day to day challenges. Then add on top of that people’s unhealthy lifestyles, including not getting enough exercise and eating fast food in way excessive amounts. The need for medical care is constantly growing. Hospitals are having difficulties being able to keep up with the amount of people that need medical care. Especially during global pandemic is where we have seen hospitals hit the worst. People are avoiding hospitals because they are worried if they will be able to receive the care that they need, or if the hospital will have room for them, or how long will they have to wait to even see a health care worker. Maybe they don’t think they are really sick enough to travel to a health care facility. Maybe they think they can just self-medicate at home. Self-medication is actually one of the most dangerous and often fatal remedies a person can try. Now enter the world of technology that we live in. People use technology every day and our lives are greatly improved because of it. The health care industry is expanding its footprint into the online world and on demand healthcare is becoming more and more relevant in people’s lives. 

There are many parts of the country where accessing a health care facility can be quite challenging. They may require a fair amount of travel time, and some people do not have that extra time in their days to allow for that. In the past, when a patient would require care that was a fair distance from their residency, they would either have to plan for the travel time, see if there were health care professionals who would do in home visits, or schedule a telephone call. With the technology that we have now, this industry is being revolutionized through software programs, allowing more and more people to have access to health care. 

On demand healthcare is now available through apps on mobile devices. When using a designated app, you are using a platform that is acting as a service provider and will establish a contact between a qualified health care professional and a patient. Most apps will also allow patients to reach out to a doctor on demand anytime and anywhere they may need it. On demand healthcare literally makes medical care and advice available at your fingertips. With a few clicks and swipes, you are seeking medical treatment in a way that has never been given before.

The on demand apps for health care have many benefits for the patients. It allows patients to find medical assistance from someone who is available quickly and for a reasonable cost. Some of the key feature within these apps includes the following. There will be news feeds and articles related to the medical field. There will be up to date information about medicine, medical procedures, medical tools, etc. This part of the app is mainly used for those who are studying medicine. Professionals use this information to stay up to date with the latest medical trends. There will be an area that allows patients to search for a medical service provider. It will pull up the closest hospitals or doctors that are nearby their location. This is especially helpful in emergency situations that immediate attention is required. Within the app is the ability to read barcodes and QR codes. This will help display information regarding medicine. It can help find prices, expiration dates, treatments and side effects. Some patients may require a daily monitoring. There is a feature within these apps that will allow patients to keep track of their diet and meal plans, exercise routines and much more. Patients will be able to set daily alarms to remind them to take their medication that is needed. By being able to record all of this information within the app, it allows the communication between the patient and doctor to be much more concise and allow both parties to see how protocols and requests are being followed. 

There are so many good benefits of using on demand health care and the app that goes along with it. It is becoming so beneficial to patients and hospitals. The biggest benefit is instant medical service. Patients are able to access medical advice at any time. Doctors are able to share information and discuss any precautions that are associated with their medical emergencies with their patients. It is so much easier to schedule an appointment for on demand health care. Patients are able to pick a time slot that works for them. There is more flexibility because patients are able to take the medical visit whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Hospitals and doctors’ offices that are doing on demand healthcare are helping to enhance their brand. People are all about convenience and ease in their lives. If they are able to schedule visits on their time, it will make them more loyal to their provider.  If a patient is having an emergency, it is easier to connect with a hospital that is close by. It is also faster to get immediate assistance to determine what medical care needs to be done.  The fact of the matter is that using on demand health care is just easier. It is more convenient, it is easier for patients to engage with their doctors. It is easier for doctors to communicate with their patients as well. It can be safer for people to attend to their medical needs from the comfort of their own home, rather than risking going out and coming into contact with other people. 

Hospital and doctor’s offices can both use on demand health care. The benefits of having a mobile app will greatly help patients and doctors connect. Not all on demand health care systems will run the same, but there are the basic needs and services that will be offered, and I am sure we will be impressed with how far it will go in the future.